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♪The Second anniversary for GBN's foundation♪⇒Greeting

♪Sanyu!_No2♪was held on Jun 9th,2018 in Hamamatu-cho ⇒DETAIL

'CHIMERA GAMES EXHIBITION' at Uganda Embassy booth on Oct 14th in Odaiba, Tokyo⇒DETAIL

A event: 'Sanyu!' was held on August 27 in Yokohama ⇒DETAIL

A event'Uganda Night' was held on July 23 in Yokohama ⇒DETAIL

♪The first anniversary for GBN's foundation♪⇒Greeting

The project for environmental protection has started with support from the Japan Fund for Global Environment(JFGE)⇒DETAIL

The LUSH Charity Bank will support our Net Project!! ⇒DETAIL

The Event 'Various day in Hakkei' will be held in Yokohama, Sunday, March 19th⇒DETAIL

Leather Crafts from African Fabric from ‘Bereesera’ Now Available at Online Shop ⇒DETAIL

The African Night in Yokohama was held on Dec 18, 2016!⇒DETAIL

Collaboration with Ornament Designs' African Fabric ornaments!⇒DETAIL

The official site of Global Bridge Network was established.