GBN aims to provide people with cross-cultural understanding and mutual collaboration through international communication, support, and social business.

 We believe that building human relations through such activities will help people to feel the world closer, broaden their minds, and build a friendly relationship.

 By knowing other cultural differences and actual situations in various countries, we expect people not only to deepen their understanding but also to find different ways or solutions to promote people's livelihoods, generate new ideas and find new business opportunities. We hope that people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds will respect, help each other and build win-win relationships beyond their national borders.

 We really appreciate your understanding and support, and looking forward to wonderful collaborations!!


About GBN

The Global Bridge Network (GBN) is a non-profit organization registered in Japan that aims to bridge people in the world by promoting cross-cultural communication, international support and global social business. GBN builds a Win-Win relationship between people by promoting understanding among different nations and their cultures, as well as helping each other.


A world where people from different cultures appreciate and support one another


To promote cross-cultural understanding and mutual cooperation through networking, humanitarian support and international projects, and create bridges to connect people globally


1. International Support

◇ Livelihood improvement and income generation support among poor and vulnerable people.

◇ Protection and Education for orphans and vulnerable children. (OVCs)

◇ Women's Empowerment Promotion

◇ Environmental Protection

2.International Communication Promotion

◇ Information sharing of other countries and cultural differences.

◇ Cross-cultural communication promotion through events and workshops.

◇ Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) promotion and collaboration with business enterprise and other countries.


Global Bridge Network

Start date

In June, 2016


Yokohama city, Japan


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