International Support

Improvement of Educational Environment for girls

Impact Assessment

“Improvement of school environment to combat Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) challenges to Stop Adolescent Girls’School Dropouts in Uganda“

Economic Empowerment for Women & Youth


"Economic empowerment of girls, women and youth through micro credit driven entrepreneurship in Uganda"

Environmental Protection and Education

Garbage project

Promoting clean environment through environmental education and garbage collection in Uganda


Environmental Protection and Education

farmers growing lemongrass

Environmental Protection through Expanding Lemon Grass Growing and Education in Uganda


International Communication Promotion


The African Night in Yokohama

WS&International Communication


    Ugandan Cuisine Party

African Dance and Music Event

Agriculture Training Reports at ARI, Japan


<International Support>

 ・Home for abandoned children with guest rooms
  ‘Hope of Home Proposal’
 ・Education for Children in Slum area
 ・Support for Women Groups with HIV/AIDS and Disabilities

<International Communications Promotion>

 ・Field Study Tours Overseas (Uganda)


 ・Sale of Lemon Grass Essential Oils and Other Related Products Made in Uganda
  ・Production and Sale of Pads Using Kitenge (the Colorful Traditional African Cloth)

What We Have Done

Reusable Sanitary Pads for School Girls

School Girls

In Uganda many girls often drop out of school when they start their menstrual cycle due to lack of sanitary pads. After our initial survey conducted in March 2015 (Ref. '1. Initial Survey Report'), we began a pilot project in June 2015 providing girls with reusable sanitary pads as well as training on menstrual hygiene management (Ref.'2. Pilot Project Activity Report'). In October of that year an assessment survey to determine its impact was carried out (ref. '3. Pilot Project Assessment Report'). The results of this assessment survey based on questionnaires among the project beneficiaries at the pre-project and post-project stages are being documented(ref. '4. Study Result Report').

The pilot project managed to yield positive results whereby out of four girls who dropped out of school due to menstrual hygiene related challenges three of them returned to school after providing reusable sanitary pads.

Due to our success in this initial project we have plans to continue this venture to reach more girls in need.

1. Initial Survey Report
2. Pilot Project Activity Report
3. Pilot Project Assessment Report
4. Study Result Report 2015

Handmade Accessories Workshop for Women Empowerment

Women Empowermen

A handmade accessories workshop with Young African Ladies was conducted in May 2015.

You can find their fashionable original handmade jewelry here.

*All proceeds will go toward further projects for the empowerment of women.

Agriculture and ICT Needs Assessment Analyze


A needs assessment on agriculture and ICTs (Information Communication Technology) among groups of female farmers was conducted on July, 2015 in cooperation with Kubere Information Centre (KIC). These women are the members of Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) in the Apac, Kole, Oyam districts of Northern Uganda. The results of the needs assessment of the current agriculture and ICT situation, as well as gender situation, were reported in the 'ICT Needs Assessment report'

We are considering future collaboration with WOUGNET.


1. ICT Needs Assessment Report